Weekly Weld – Issue 1

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Weekly Weld - Issue 1

Welcome to the Weekly Weld. Over the past few weeks SEQ Mobile Welding have been able to help a family keep safe at home with a massive post repair job to some posts underneath their stairs and around their pool.

We started by cutting the base of the posts away where the rust was, we then created a boot sleeve for the bottom of the posts which we welder to the original post then fixed to the ground.

Then last week we were able to get a young guys baby back on the road.
He had smashed out the brace that holds the front of his car together, causing significant damage.

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Weekly Weld Car Fix Job | SEQ Mobile Welding | Welder
Weekly Weld Post Job Pic | SEQ Mobile Welding | Welder
Weekly Weld Post Job Pic of Stairs | SEQ Mobile Welding | Welder

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